About Us


Details of Our Services

WGPS  Attorney Services, Inc.   provides  litigation support services to attorneys, insurance  companies and  corporations. We provide experienced, dependable and cost  effective  services to the Central Valley and greater Bay Area. Whether it’s  court  filing, document retrieval or skip tracing. 

Collections Services

WGPS  also offers collection of judgment cases. Our collection services are  very comparable and priced affordable so that our customers may receive  the most of their money they well deserve.  

Process Servicing

Although,  we do not personally conduct process of serving services we have a wide  range of affiliated registered process service companies that will  serve any and all legal documents fast and effectively.  

Legal Research

We provide legal research services which is not legal advised based. We will research legal files at the court houses, interview witness, locate witness and verify legal documents at state and federal agencies or court and county offices. Upon finds we can provide certified copies of the documents obtained at an additional fee.

Skip Trace and Steak-Outs/Surviellance

We provide skip-tracing services which include find anybody. We can obtain current address, phone number, employer, business affiliations, real property or land, and vehicles or vessels owned. Our services also include in some cases bank account verification such as name of bank and location.

We are able to do steak-outs for customers that are attempting to find and verify the daily activities or a person for a legal on going case. (verification of open case will be conducted by our staff)